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Welcome to your first Michell Instruments Gas Measurement for Non-Hazardous areas newsletter. Below you can find material on our products and information relevant to this topic. 

Featured Product

Michell Instruments has introduced a new version of its market-leading 2-wire Easidew Dew-Point Transmitter, with a dual analog and digital modbus RTU output and a rugged 5 pin M12 electrical connection. Designed for dew point measurements in harsh industrial applications, the Easidew moisture transmitter is also easy to maintain with live diagnostics and, when purchased with the Michell Calibration Exchange Programme, offers lifetime warranty.

This addition makes the Easidew dew-point transmitter the most versatile offering for trace humidity measurements on the market today. For the compressed dryer operator, it means that just one stocked product can be used across all class 1 to class 6 industrial dryer applications. All Easidew variants have a dew-point measurement range of up to -110 to +20°Cdp. read more

Product focus:
MDM50 Portable Hygrometer

The MDM50 Hygrometer has been designed to make spot checks of the dew point in air and gases as simple and fast as possible. This completely self-contained instrument weighs just 4kg and is delivered ready to use.

Simply connect your sample gas to the Quick Connect (or optional Swagelok®) fittings, turn on the instrument and it will automatically begin to measure the dew point of the applied sample.
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New: Gas Chromatograph impurity analyzers available from Michell Instruments

Moisture is a critical contaminant for both natural gas storage and processing as well as petrochemical refining applications. There are many analysers and technologies – but not all options are appropriate in all situations. 
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John Dalton was a chemist, physicist and meteorologist. As well as introducing atomic theory into chemistry, he published his law of partial pressures of gases in 1802. Dalton’s law is fundamental to all measurements of humidity or trace moisture in gases – read our new article to see how temperature and pressure affects the measurement of dew point, relative humidity and absolute moisture content.

Read more about daltons law and moisture measurement 
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Process Sensing Technologies (PST)

The PST Group consists of a group of manufacturers who together provides a comprehensive suite of instruments and analyzers for precision measurements in industrial process control, environmental monitoring, natural gas and petrochemical processing. Using our products, customers save millions of dollars each year through increased energy efficiency in their processes and reduced fuel consumption. The quality of food, medicines, semi-conductors and thousands of manufactured goods depends on reliable measurements of critical parameters such as humidity, oxygen, CO, N2, H2, Hydrocarbons, pressure or CO2 during production, storage and transport. Many of our products are GAMP and FDA compliant.